Liberty Wines Limited

Beginning with just four staff in 1997, Liberty Wines has grown exponentially to be one of the most important and respected fine wine distributors in the United Kingdom today. Led by the fiercely intelligent and driven David Gleave MW, Liberty Wines now has a pay roll of 80 personnel and a portfolio featuring over 200 eminent wine producers from around the world.

A relationship with Kiwi-Oeno has been a constructive part of Liberty’s growth and success from very early on, with the consultancy having input not only into the wine producer projects in New Zealand, but also in vintages and projects in France and Italy.

The Liberty Wines projects Kiwi-Oeno is involved with in Italy include the thriving Alpha Zeta wines from Valpolicella; Cantina di Monteforte from Soave; Il Faggio from Abruzzo, and Vortice in Sicilia. In France, the Kiwi-Oeno team of Matt and Alana work on projects in Pomerols (Baron de Badassiere, L’Eglise, Monrouby), and Cairanne (La Cuvee du Belvedere, La Vilasse) in Southern France.